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Pew Forum Poll Shows Blacks and Hispanics Joining White Evangelicals to Oppose Assisted Suicide

This poll is disturbing. It reports that whites, including white Catholics, support assisted suicide.  Blacks and Hispanics of all religious beliefs are strongly opposed to assisted suicide, as are white evangelicals. http://www.pewforum.org/files/2013/11/end-of-life-chp1-2.png

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Most Medical Professionals Continue to Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide

This article just popped up on Yahoo news (http://news.yahoo.com/physician-assisted-suicide-poll-shows-divide-among-experts-211240329.html).   The New England Journal of Medicine, most of whose readers are medical professionals, conducted a poll in which readers were asked to decide whether assisted suicide should be an available end of life option for the terminally ill.  65% of the voters, worldwide, said no.  In […]

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Urgent: Corrected Link to the PAS Poll in the Burlington Free Press

http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/poll/2013-05-20/7117084 Please vote NO to the question: “Are you in favor of the end-of-life bill enacted by the Vermont legislature and Gov. Shumlin?” Our earlier post had an incorrect link.  It was  possible to get to the poll, and we have narrowed the gap; but getting the poll instead of the results was difficult, and […]

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Breaking News! New Poll Shows Vermonters Do Not Support Legalizing Assisted Suicide

The poll, just released by Vermont Alliance for Ethical Health Care (VAEH), shows that many Vermonters believe the concerns of opponents of assisted suicide are justified and that, after being exposed to these concerns, only 32.9% of Vermonters support an Oregon Style assisted suicide law for our state.  67.1 % do not support the  Oregon […]

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