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Why promote physician-assisted suicide?

This is a great article and please leave comments on the original free press article! Reposted from the Burlington Free press The aphorism, “He who pays the piper calls the tune” is especially true in politics, as well as in the not-for-profit world. Currently, the Vermont Ethics Network (VEN) has a traveling road show, despite […]

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Surprised by Death

When my father-in-law was in the last weeks of life, suffering with a diagnosis of advanced pancreatic and liver cancers, he insisted that he felt fine.  At one point, not long before he died, he actually told the Hospice nurse that he believed he had received the wrong diagnosis, and that in fact he wasn’t […]

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So Much for Those Prognoses of Six or Fewer Months to Live

On the website of the New England Journal of Medicine, there is a “special article” entitled “Implementing a Death with Dignity Program at a Comnprehensive Cancer Center”.  It describes a real program and a real experience at “Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the site of care for the Fred Hutchinson–University of Washington Cancer Consortium, a comprehensive […]

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How Could VT Lawmakers, Knowing the State’s Terrible Abuse Response Record, Consider Enacting Assisted Suicide, the Perfect Cover for Abusers?

The Vermont House recently passed H. 105, an act requiring the Commissioner of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living, part of the VT Department of Human Services, to provide quarterly information on the number of adult abuse reports received by the department, the number actually investigated, the number declared unsubstianted after an investigation, and the reasons […]

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Why Do Pollsters Keep On Asking Vermonters Dishonest Questions about Assisted Suicide?

Why do pollsters in Vermont keep on asking dishonest questions about assisted suicide? We received a call today from a reporter wanting  to know our opinion on the new Castleton Polling Institute poll that purports to show Vermonters strongly support legalizing assisted suicide. We gave him our standard answers: Polls are meaningless unless people are […]

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Comments Needed on Bennington Banner Article

The article linked and underlined below is based on interviews with one of our board members and with a board member of Vermont’s  pro-assisted suicide group.  Please post your comments opposing assisted suicide as soon as possible, both on the Bennington Banner site and on our Facebook page.  Also please share this article and ask your […]

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A Good Day in Vermont for Opponents of Assisted Suicide

True Dignity is quite happy with the version of S. 77 that passed the Senate this afternoon. News reports to the contrary, the bill is not in any way an assisted suicide bill.  It replaces the original 22 page bill with a very short one.  It specifically does not exempt a doctor who intentionally helps […]

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