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And More Good News: New York State Legislature Adjourns for This Year Without Adopting the Assisted Suicide Bill.

We can find absolutely no press coverage of this, but the legislative session ended yesterday with no assisted suicide bill’s having been adopted.  Another state declines to take the Brittany Maynard bait!

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Great News from Maine: The Assisted Suicide Bill Modeled on Vermont’s is Dead

Here’s a link to the news, from Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. http://alexschadenberg.blogspot.ca/2015/06/maine-senate-defeats-assisted-suicide.html  

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Hopeful News: The California Legislature May Refuse to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Though nothing is certain at this point, Aaron Kheriaty, a psychiatrist and medical ethicist from the University of California at Irvine who is closely following the assisted suicide bill in California , writes in an article posted on the Wall Street Journal website last night that the bill’s recent placement on a Senate committee’s “suspense […]

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More Good News: The CT Assisted Suicide Bill is Officially Dead in Committee

We wrote a couple of days ago that the CT assisted suicide bill appeared to be dead.  Now the death has been officially pronounced. Here’s a link to a news story: http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Aid-in-dying-bill-fails-in-committee-6190352.php

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Good News from New Jersey: Another State Has Had the Good Sense to Reject Assisted Suicide, At Least for the Time Being

Members of the Board of True Dignity were in the process of calling each NJ senator’s district office to urge him or her to vote against assisted suicide when we heard this wonderful news from the office of Senator Thomas Kean Jr.  Having squeaked through committee with no recommendation, the assisted suicide legislation we thought […]

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Boston Globe and Hartford Courant Report That the CT Assisted Suicide Bill Will Not Receive a Vote in Committee

Here are the links to the articles about the victory in CT.  How we wish they were about a victory in VT!  Still, we are overjoyed that the passage of assisted suicide in Vermont did not topple the other dominoes, not at all.  If passage here was a victory for “the movement”, Maine, New Hampshire, […]

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Good News, But Be Vigilant

Members of the Public Health Committee in the CT legislature are saying there probably won’t be a vote on the assisted suicide bill this year.  If there is no vote, the bill would be dead for this session of the legislature.  That is exceedingly good news, and, if true, it leaves Vermont isolated among the […]

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