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No Vermonter Should Be Left To Fall Through the Cracks in Act 39

In their work on S. 9, “An act relating to improving Vermont’s system for protecting children from abuse and neglect,” the Vermont Senate has been working hard to help develop safeguards to prevent the kinds of horrific tragedies that happened over the last year when young children fell through the cracks and died at the […]

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Why Would States That Outlaw the Death Penalty as Error Prone and a Regulatory Nightmare Ever Legalize The Very Similar Practice of Assisted Suicide?

New Jersey abolished the death penalty in 2007, after a commission found that decisions about when to impose it were never be made in an objective way.  Such decisions are always subjective.  Furthermore, the “protections” that a state establishes in an attempt to insure that innocent people are not executed are as unworkable as they […]

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