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No Words Minced in This Piece about Brittany Maynard’s and Compassion and Choices’ Attempt to Silence Opposition

Here’s Wesley Smith, writing in The National Review:  http://www.nationalreview.com/human-exceptionalism A few quotes, with which True Dignity heartily agrees: The Brittany Maynard media explosion (my takes here and here) is an intense advocacy offensive–funded substantially by the culturally subversive George Soros through his support of Compassion and Choices–that is intended to do two things: 1. Drive assisted […]

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Think Being Enrolled in Hospice Means a Person is Receiving Good End of Life Care? Think Again.

Proponents of assisted suicide often cite the fact that most Oregon patients who die from assisted suicide are enrolled in hospice to try to prove that legal assisted suicide has led to enormous improvements in end of life care.  Kathleen Foley MD, a neurologist and palliative care physician who holds the The Society of Memorial […]

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Why is Harry Chen Opposed to Patients Knowing which Health Care Providers Oppose Assisted Suicide?

In response to a question regarding True Dignity’s proposal to develop a registry of “safe” health care providers and institutions, Vermont Commissioner of Health Harry Chen said one of the potential “silver linings” of S.77 is that it will spur conversations between patients and doctors about end-of-life decisions, and a “safe doctors” registry could discourage […]

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Hospice Does Not Equal Good Pain Relief (And Other Thoughts)

On Friday, January 11, 2013, the New York Times ran a wonderful story about a nurse who spent the last weeks of her life teaching student nurses about dying, answering their questions and letting them both observe and care for her until nine days before she died of pancreatic cancer.  The article, which can be […]

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Don’t Wait for “Choice” to Become “Duty” to Die

By Carrie Handy February 1, 2012 A story in the news last month described a mentally retarded child who was determined ineligible for a kidney transplant by Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, allegedly because her quality of life was deemed by doctors to be not good enough to justify the procedure. The case garnered a public […]

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Letter to the Bennington Banner: We Should Concentrate on Improving Palliative Care, Not Consider Legalizing Assisted Suicide

The excellent letter below can be read online at http://www.benningtonbanner.com/letters/ci_19855794. Monday January 30, 2012 We haven’t heard enough about palliative care In recent editions of the Bennington Banner I have read many articles dealing with doctor-prescribed suicide. But I cannot remember reading anything about palliative care. Palliative care provides adequate symptom relief for chronic or life-threatening […]

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