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Pharmacist Wants Brittany Maynard to Know What Happens When Suicide Drugs Don’t Work as Intended

The  letter below was written by a pharmacist in the hope that Brittany Maynard will see it.  It is heartfelt, and also full of facts that she should know. Dear Brittany Maynard: I am publishing this in the hope that it will be seen by you since I do not know how to send you […]

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Pharmacist to Other Pharmacists: You Are Not Protected from Criminal and Civil Liability If You Participate In VT’s Assisted Suicide Law

In the excitement over the good news that New Hampshire and Massachusetts will not be legalizing assisted suicide this year, we completely forgot about this important document from pharmacist Bob Orleck. Act 39 does not protect pharmacists and other health care workers from civil and criminal penalties for participating in assisted suicide, despite the words […]

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A Vermont Pharmacist’s Analysis of the State’s Assisted Suicide Law

Thanks to our friend, pharmacist Bob Orleck, for the following astute (and scary) analysis of how Vermont’s assisted suicide law threatens pharmacists (http://suicidelawsuits.org/a-pharmacist-analyzes-vermont-law/). Will healthcare professionals face lawsuits over Vermont’s assisted suicide law? A Pharmacist analyzes Vermont Law Home A Pharmacist analyzes Vermont Law A Pharmacist analyzes Vermont Law A Pharmacist analyzes Vermont’s Physician-Assisted Suicide […]

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Pharmacist Bob Orleck: “Neither physicians nor pharmacists know how to deal with the lethal prescriptions and with what to do when things go wrong.”

Robert L. Orleck Pharmacist P.O. Box 174 Randolph, VT 05060 802-728-9806 [email protected]   Re: Physician Assisted Suicide S77 (as originally proposed) Medical realities and facts need to be seriously considered.   What should be most compelling is that there are medical realities and facts that cry out to be heard over the moving and sincere […]

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Vermont Pharmacist Exposes Assisted Suicide’s False Promise of a Peaceful Death

What Bob  Orleck has written below (in italics) is very similar to his testimony at the public hearing before the House Human Services and Judiciary Committees on Tuesday, April 16.  A similar essay appeared briefly on this blog last Sunday, but Bob asked us to take it down temporarily so that he could revise it.  […]

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Legal Assisted Suicide Threatens Pharmacists as well as Physicians

A pharmacist friend of ours tells us that he once filled a prescription that was used to commit suicide, though it was prescribed for another purpose. He says he continues to be haunted by the fact that he provided the means for another person’s death. This story illustrates two facts. The first is that it […]

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