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Two New Videos about Belgium’s Experience Show That So-Called Safeguards in Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia Laws Are Only Illusions

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The Unreliability of Diagnoses:Texas Woman Undergoes Chemotherapy for Stage Four Cancer She Did Not Have

Thanks to Margaret Dore of Choice is an Illusion for posting the story below about an incorrect diagnosis that fortunately did not lead to a hastened death but easily might have.  The story is about a woman who underwent destructive chemotherapy therapy after receiving a diagnosis of Stage 4 terminal cancer.  See our recent post […]

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So Much for Those Prognoses of Six or Fewer Months to Live

On the website of the New England Journal of Medicine, there is a “special article” entitled “Implementing a Death with Dignity Program at a Comnprehensive Cancer Center”.  It describes a real program and a real experience at “Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the site of care for the Fred Hutchinson–University of Washington Cancer Consortium, a comprehensive […]

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