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Thanks to Massachusetts Second Thoughts for sharing this very good article: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/10/21/court_stays_off_euthanasias_slippery_slope_dimanno.html. Some will object to its conflation of euthanasia and assisted suicide.  We think it is correct to do so; these two cannot be separated.  Once doctors prescribe a lethal dose of drugs to someone, there are no provisions in any of the assisted […]

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Good News: There is No Trend Towards Legalizing Assisted Suicide

There was good news this week on the assisted suicide front, proving once more that states like Vermont and countries like the Netherlands are oddities, not the forerunners of a trend. In Canada,  a British Columbia court of appeals overturned  a lower court ruling that had held Canada’s assisted suicide ban to be unconstitutional.   In […]

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France’s Official Ethics Advisory Committee Rejects Vermont-Style Assisted Suicide

An “official” ethics committee charged with coming up with recommendations to the French  Goverment about whether to legalize assisted suicide has said, “No” with  a majority vote.  Of course France’s President Hollande will still try to get an assisted suicide law passed.  Let’s hope this recommendation from the Ethics Advisory Committee serves to wake up […]

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