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Are the American People Smart Enough to See Through Compassion and Choices “Framing” of the Brittany Maynard Case?

Below, we link to a good article on the Brittany Maynard case, written before she committed assisted suicide but just as relevant now, especially as we await the edited death video that will almost certainly be released by Compassion and Choices and People Magazine.  The article discusses how the Maynard case is a “textbook example” […]

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No Words Minced in This Piece about Brittany Maynard’s and Compassion and Choices’ Attempt to Silence Opposition

Here’s Wesley Smith, writing in The National Review:  http://www.nationalreview.com/human-exceptionalism A few quotes, with which True Dignity heartily agrees: The Brittany Maynard media explosion (my takes here and here) is an intense advocacy offensive–funded substantially by the culturally subversive George Soros through his support of Compassion and Choices–that is intended to do two things: 1. Drive assisted […]

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