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Former member of Baltimore Ravens football Team, Now Suffering from ALS, Testifies Against Making Assisted Suicide Legal

O.J. Brigance, a former star of the Baltimore Ravens football team, who made the first tackle in Superbowl  XXXV, says he has accomplished more since being diagnosed with ALS eight years ago than he ever did while fully able-bodied.  Listen to hear why he opposes legal assisted suicide.   He gave this testimony before the Maryland […]

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Transcript of Assisted Suicide Debate in British House of Lords

There’s some good stuff in here.  We may be posting some of these comments on their own in the next few days.  The bad effects of assisted suicide will be the same everywhere.   http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldhansrd/text/140718-0001.htm#14071854000545

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Dutch Ethicist Who Supported Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Now Says Legalization Was a Terrible Mistake

The link below contains an article about Dutch ethicist Theo Boer’s testimony against legalization of assisted suicide/euthanasia before the British House of Lords.  At the end you can find the testimony itself. Dr. Boer points out that, in the Netherlands: 1.  With euthanasia deaths and assisted suicides increasing at a rate of 15% annually, “euthanasia […]

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