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Doctors Recommend Anesthesia for Assisted Death Pain Control

This article, published in a peer-reviewed academic journal, is based on a study of the three forms of assisted dying in use: euthanasia, assisted suicide, and capital punishment. All were found to have significant problems that result in what the authors call “inhumane” deaths, including very painful ones. They recommend the use of continuous medically-monitored […]

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Full AMA House of Delegates Sends Assisted Suicide Back to Ethics Board for Further Review

Defying the advice of its own ethics committee to continue calling assisted suicide what it really is and to continue opposing it, the full AMA House of Delegates, with a 56% majority, today asked the ethics committee to reconsider its decision, made after two years of study.  The ethics committee will issue another report before […]

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CA Assisted Suicide Law Overturned

A CA Superior Court Judge has declared CA’s assisted suicide law to be unconstitutional, on the narrow ground of its adoption during a special 2016 session called to address health care efficiency and funding rather than during the regular session, during which it had failed to pass (https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/16/health/california-assisted-suicide-law-overturned/index.html). The judge ordered that the law should […]

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AMA Ethics Board Maintains Opposition to Assisted Suicide, Refuses to Call It “Aid in Dying”

On May 4, 2018, ethicist Wesley Smith reported the good news that the American Medical Association’s Ethics Board, after a two year period of study, has rejected a proposal that the organization withdraw its opposition to assisted suicide through the mechanism of giving it the supposedly more acceptable name, “aid in dying”.  The committee pointed […]

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Bad News, Good News, and Some Thoughts About What We Must Keep Fighting

With the April 8 signing of Hawaii’s assisted suicide (AS) law, AS is now legal in 6 US states and the District of Columbia. Since Oregon first legalized AS in 1997, it has taken well-funded, determined, and persistent proponents 21 years of hard fighting to get 6 new legalizations.  We should not forget that, thanks […]

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Almost Information-Free But Quite Revealing First Report on VT Assisted Suicide

On January 15, 2018, the Vermont Department of Health presented its first report to the legislature and public on the implementation of the state’s physician assisted suicide law.  The legislature had passed the law, Act 39, in 2013 and replaced it in 2015 with Act 27, which maintains Act 39 under “Oregon-style” regulations, including a […]

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Vermont Neglect Case Points to Danger of Legal Assisted Suicide

This horrific story of neglect and exploitation is, unfortunately, not an unusual one.  A caregiver, after neglecting his charge, filed a Medicaid claim after his death. This caregiver was caught because he was not careful to cover up his neglect, but it would not have been hard for him to clean up and escape punishment. […]

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