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New York Civil Court: State Laws Prohibiting Assisted Suicide Do Not Violate Patients’ Civil Rights

On October 19, 2015, a NY civil court judge rejected a lawsuit brought by three people who want to be allowed to commit suicide with the help of doctors.  These people have illnesses that will probably kill them, but not necessarily within the six month period cited by Oregon, Washington, and Vermont laws as qualifying […]

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Former Aide to NY Democrat Governors, Suffering from Brain Cancer, To Lead Fight Against Assisted Suicide in NY

According to the New York Daily News, the Patients Rights Action Fund, a national group that has long opposed the legalization of assisted suicide, has a new president.  He is 34 year old ex-marine JJ Hanson, who worked for NY Democrat governors Eliot Spitzer and  David Patterson  as Director of Regional Affairs for the mid-Hudson […]

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And More Good News: New York State Legislature Adjourns for This Year Without Adopting the Assisted Suicide Bill.

We can find absolutely no press coverage of this, but the legislative session ended yesterday with no assisted suicide bill’s having been adopted.  Another state declines to take the Brittany Maynard bait!

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Good News!

The Patient Rights Council reported on May 15 that the assisted suicide bill recently introduced in the NY Assembly has been withdrawn by its sponsor.

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