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Roll call of Senate Vote

We want to thank all who stood strong and fought hard for Repeal of this disgraceful law. You have our admiration for standing up to protect patient’s rights to life and freedom from abuse, errors and outright coercion. The Amendment to Repeal Act 39 entirely was sponsored by Senator Norm McAllister, who made an emotional […]

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How Legislators Voted on Act 39, Which Made Assisted Suicide Legal in Vermont

True Dignity Vermont cannot endorse candidates in next week’s elections, which will determine, at least in the short term, whether assisted suicide stays legal in  Vermont or is repealed as we hope.  We can, however, provide information, for your discernment.  Here are the names and party affiliations of those who voted for and against assisted […]

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Party Affiliations of Vermont Legislators Voting For and Against Assisted Suicide

By request, we have revised our vote tally on S. 77, the assisted suicide bill that passed and is now known as Act 39, to include the party affiliations of the legislators.  Senate Vote (Passed, 17-13) For (17): 13 Democrats, 1 Republican, 1 Democrat Progressive, 1 Progressive, 1 Progressive Democrat Working Families Party Ashe (Chittenden, […]

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Vermont House Concurs with Senate-Amended Bill, 75-65

It’s all over for now.  The board of True Dignity Vermont is thankful from the bottom of our hearts to all who fought this dangerous bill :  the legislators who tried behind the scenes and on the floor to make their colleagues listen to reason, the witnesses who did the same in the hearings, bringing […]

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It’s Official: ’Death with Dignity’ ballot question fails

It’s official. Ballot Question 2 that would have legalized assisted suicide in Massachusetts has failed. Assisted suicide will remain illegal in Massachusetts. Here’s a link to the AP story: http://www.thetranscript.com/ci_21950027/rsquo-death-dignity-rsquo-ballot-question-fails

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