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Rest in Peace, Lauren Hill

The world is a poorer place this morning.  WCPO in Cincinnati announced Lauren Hill’s death a few minutes ago.  She was only nineteen and suffered from a brain cancer similar to Brittany Maynard’s.  Our love and sympathy goes out to her wonderful family, who fully supported her in dying with authentic dignity. Hill was determined […]

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Dying with Dignity: Why Isn’t This Girl’s Picture on the Cover of People Magazine?

Here’s Lauren Hill, a nineteen year old girl with brain cancer, with only weeks to live, who is living her life fully until the end, refusing to be “a quitter”, showing us all the way to die with true dignity. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/girl-with-terminal-cancer-living-for-basketball/ What a great example Lauren is, particularly to those tempted to despair of life […]

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This is How to Die with Dignity: Serving Others unti the Very End

In the light of how people are portraying courage in confronting the end of life these days, here’s what the real thing looks like. Sgt. Jason Allen, a Rutland VT policeman, died at 35 last week, of cancer.  He had come to the sheriff’s department in 2002 and apparently became a friend, role model, and […]

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