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In a shocking unanimous decision yesterday, Canada’s  Supreme Court overturned the long-standing countrywide ban on doctor assisted death.  The ruling applies to the whole country. Because the ruling did not, as far as we can glean from newspaper reports, require that the poison by which a person’s life would be ended must be self administered, […]

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Canada’s Federal Government Files Counter-Arguments in British Columbia Court Case Finding the Federal Law Benning Assistance in S

According to an article in the British Columbia newspaper The Province, the federal government government of Canada  has today filed court arguments challenging a British Columbia court decision finding a right to assistance in suicide and to euthanasia if a person is unable to commit suicide on his or her own. According to the article, […]

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Wonderful News: The Government of Canada Appeals the British Columbia Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

The government of Canada is appealing last spring’s ruling by the British Columbia Supreme Court that the Canadian law banning assisted suicide is unconstitutional. It is also appealing the one time exemption given to the woman who brought the case,  a ruling that would have allowed her to be euthanized before the bill makes its […]

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