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The Testimony of Phillip Brown, Chief Medical Officer at Central VT Hospital, Methodically Destroys Claims of “Safety” in Oregon Assisted Suicides And Shows How There Has Been a Slippery Slope in Reporting Requirements

In italics below, is Dr. Brown’s testimony, which carefully, methodically uses the facts to show the deficiencies in the Oregon reports proponents cite to claim that there has been no abuse in assisted suicides there.  The testimony also lists two examples of the slippery slope:  ways in which the reporting requirements have been lightened  to […]

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The Mere Presence of Legal Assisted Suicide Would Steer Some to Suicide and Doctors Will Be Forced Either to Prescribe or to Refer Patients to Doctors Who Will: Testimony of Oregon Doctor Kenneth Stevens before the VT House Human Services Committee

The witness of choice for the proponents of assisted suicide in Vermont seems to be George Eighmey,  a lawyer, not a doctor.  Below, in italics,  is what Kenneth Stevens MD, who has practiced medicine in Oregon for 40 years, told the Human Services Committee about, among other things, Eighmey, his advocacy organization, Compassion and Choices, […]

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A Physician’s Letter to an Undecided Senator

Below in italics, posted with permission, is the excellent letter of a Bennington County physician, Carol Salazar, to our undecided senator, Bob Hartwell.   Dear Senator Hartwell: I am sorry to hear that you are undecided about the issue of physician assisted suicide. I hope I have misunderstood this. I have been a practicing general […]

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“It will quite literally be easier to get a lethal prescription in Massachusetts than to have hospice care through the end of your life.”

Ira Byock, director of palliative care at Dartmouth, has spoken out again against assisted suicide in Massachusetts (http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2012/10/paliiative-care-assisted-suicide#more-23626). In a guest post on CommonHealth, the health blog of Boston radio station WBUR, he writes: We’ll still require terminally ill patients to give up treatment for their disease to get Medicare to pay for their hospice […]

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Doctor: the top three reasons terminally ill patients choose to end their lives are all symptoms of clinical depression that leads to suicide, and all can be treated.

The article below, from the Lynn, Massachusetts newspaper, The Daily Item, is interesting for its reporting on a physician’s insight that the top three reasons the Oregon reports say people request assistance in suicide–“loss of control, loss of enjoyment and feeling like a burden to others”–are all symptoms of treatable depression. It is also good […]

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Doctors’ Beef with Physician Assisted Suicide Stems from Concern for Patients’ Welfare

The author of this letter to the Boston Globe  is a physician who deals with aging patients and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. See her biographical information at the end of the letter.  Read the letter online at http://articles.boston.com/2012-10-05/letters/34253724_1_patients-lethal-dose-lethal-medication. Doctors’ beef with Question 2 stems from fear for patients’ welfare   October 05, […]

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Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics Lecture Series: The Arguments Against Question 2

The remarks below are directed to Question 2, a ballot measure that would legalize assisted suicide in Vermont’s neighoring state of Massachusetts and are meant to explain the opposition of the Massachusetts Medical Society to that measure. The Vermont Medical Society and the American Medical association also are on record in opposition to assisted suicide. […]

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