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Great News: Assisted Suicide Dies Peacefully in the Maryland Legislature

The good news is that there will be no assisted suicide law passed in Maryland in 2015.  Two committees were considering the legislation, and both declined to vote on it. The bad news is that the legislature is setting up a study group to come up with a proposal for the next session. Here’s the […]

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New Connecticut Assisted Suicide Bill

Here is is: the latest assisted suicide bill in Connecticut.  Yesterday one was introduced in CA. To all, get ready to fight, with civility, reason, and facts. http://www.cga.ct.gov/2015/TOB/S/2015SB-00668-R00-SB.htm

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Boston Globe and Hartford Courant Report That the CT Assisted Suicide Bill Will Not Receive a Vote in Committee

Here are the links to the articles about the victory in CT.  How we wish they were about a victory in VT!  Still, we are overjoyed that the passage of assisted suicide in Vermont did not topple the other dominoes, not at all.  If passage here was a victory for “the movement”, Maine, New Hampshire, […]

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Good News, But Be Vigilant

Members of the Public Health Committee in the CT legislature are saying there probably won’t be a vote on the assisted suicide bill this year.  If there is no vote, the bill would be dead for this session of the legislature.  That is exceedingly good news, and, if true, it leaves Vermont isolated among the […]

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Stephen Mendelsohn Nails the Difference between Proponents and Opponents: “We” vs. “Me, Myself, and I”

The first link is to a video of Stephen Mendelsohn’s fantastic speech at the Second Thought news conference in Connecticut this week.  The second is to a transcript of the same remarks at the press conference, which he writes were substantially the same as his testimony in the legislature. Stephen Mendelsohn Nails the Difference between […]

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Why Connecticut Should Not Legalize Assisted Suicide and Why Vermont Should Repeal Its Law

Thanks to Leslie Wolfgang for an excellent op-ed piece in today’s Hartford Courant.  The reasons why CT should not legalize assisted suicide are the same reasons why Vermont should repeal its assisted suicide law.  This cannot be done until the next biennium, which begins in 2015, after an election this fall.  Now is not too […]

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